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Kostopoulos Brightness Control is a simple application that allows you to easily adjust your monitor brightness to a level you are comfortable with. For users that spend a lot of hours per day in front of the PC, such an app is highly recommended if one wants to protect his eyes.
The application requires no installation process. You directly extract it and run it. This is possible because Kostopoulos Brightness Control is a portable app and does not leave traces or leftovers on your system, furthermore, you can upload it on a USB flash drive or a CD and use it on any computer you want.
Due to its minimalistic design, the tool has no GUI. The only active components are the system tray eyeglasses icon and the slide bar. The slide bar has ten brightness levels “10” being the original, and from “9” downwards, the brightness gets systematically lower.  The last level is very dark but is still distinguishable if the background is all white.
In conclusion, Kostopoulos Brightness Control is a handy app that lets you manually adjust your monitor brightness. It is useful for people that spend many hours in front of the PC and is very operable as it has only a sidebar to control.


The program is “Kostopoulos Brightness Control”.
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Hide visible controls on a form

I have a form that contains 3 buttons and 3 checkboxes. The checkboxes are only present when a checkbox in the datagrid is selected.
If the grid is empty when the form is opened, the checkboxes are not visible.
How do I make the checkboxes visible even if the form is empty when opened?
This is what I currently have.


If I understand your question correctly, you want to add a button to the form that will cause the checkboxes to become visible when the form is empty. This can be done using the EmptyDataText property of the form.
However, you must ensure that your checkboxes contain the correct size and layout. Try this:
Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
Dim numColumns As Integer = Me.DataGrid1.ColumnCount
Dim numRows As Integer = Me.DataGrid1 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro allows you to record keystrokes, mouse clicks and more. KeyMacro is a freeware utility that helps you save keystrokes and mouse clicks when working on your computer. It is 100% Free to use and doesn’t come with any adware or malware.
KeyMacro records all the keystrokes made on your computer, plus other features, like mouse clicks, file actions and more. You can even record the clipboard to replay it. KeyMacro is designed to be easy to use and fast to start. You only need to specify a single shortcut key or mouse button to make it record, and the program will automatically record all the keystrokes and mouse clicks that happen on your computer.
KeyMacro Features:
 High performance & automatic recording
 Start recording instantly
 Unlimited number of macros
 Quick-start mode
 System tray auto hide
 Multi-thread recording
 Record all Windows keystrokes
 Record all hotkeys
 Record clipboard as well as selection
 Store replayable clipboards
 Macro grouping
 All the macros are stored in 1 file
 Start recording only with one click
 Auto hide of system tray
 Save keystrokes to the file with the same name as that of the recording
 Save mouse clicks to the file with the same name as that of the recording
 Record the mouse click (or left click) area only
 Record the mouse click or keystroke only while mouse cursor is in the hotkey area
 Toggle recording mode by double clicking on the tray icon
 Quick-start mode
 Create a new file or record a macro into an existing file
 Enter a pause time when starting a recording
 Enter a default pause time when starting a recording
 Enter a maximum recording time when starting a recording
 Set the delay before auto-inactive
 Store the recording in a separate file when starting with the file format
 Auto close the program when the file is saved
 Drag and drop recording files from the desktop to the main window
 Automatically convert plain text files to Macros
KeyMacro supports various file formats. You can record any file


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