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Database Dictionaries German language translation databases with definitions and examples.
Multimedia Files
Microsoft® Excel
Microsoft® Office® Database Manager
Microsoft® SQL® Server
Microsoft® Access
Support Details
Microsoft Access Database Manager
Microsoft® Excel 2007/2010
MS SQL Server 2005/2008
Instruction manual
Answers to frequently asked questions
1. What kind of databases are included in these dictionaries?
Database Dictionaries are professionally translated databases of German/English terms, and each is available in six different file formats:
.txt (text file)
.csv (comma-separated values file)
.sql (Microsoft® SQL® database file)
.xls (Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet file)
.accdb (Microsoft® Access® database file)
.mdb (Microsoft® Access® database file)
2. Do I need anything more than an internet connection to translate?
Yes, Database Dictionaries German will require a SQL Server 2005/2008 or Microsoft Access database
3. How much does the program cost?
The price of Database Dictionaries German depends on the version. The most basic version for the.txt format is free, but if you wish to try the other file formats, you’ll have to pay. For a trial version, you can check out their free version. The trial version of the.txt database format allows you to work with a maximum of 100 German terms.
4. How to use the application?
As described earlier, Database Dictionaries German consists of a set of databases. You can find the databases in either.csv or.sql format, but you’ll have to make a decision as to which format you’ll use.
5. How do I add new databases to the dictionaries?
You’ll need to purchase Database Dictionaries German if you wish to add new databases. The cost is either $39 for the.txt format, $129 for the.csv format, $249 for the.sql format, or $119 for the.xls format.
6. Is Database Dictionaries German compatible with Microsoft® Office®?
Yes, Database Dictionaries German is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft® Office® products.
7. What are some of the features in Database Dictionaries German?
Database Dictionaries German provides you with several databases for you to use in your applications. The definitions and examples 384a16bd22

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