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This feature adds a simple and easy way to use macros in any Notepad or Microsoft Word editor: what you do is select the text you want to use as a code, copy it to the clipboard and then paste it wherever you want to use it. Of course, the process is similar in any text editor, but there are a few reasons why it may be useful in Notepad and Microsoft Word.

Why should you use macros:
The use of macros in any text editor is extremely helpful. Think about it: if you want to use the same text over and over again, there is no need to manually copy it every time you want to use it, just select the text you want to use and copy it to the clipboard.
You should remember that Notepad and Word store their text in binary files, so it’s not really possible to include the text you have just copied to the clipboard into the file. There is also another reason for using macros.
Macros can really speed up your typing, especially if you are someone who has to type a lot of text in documents.

How can you use macros:
The process is extremely simple: you select a piece of text you want to use as a code, right click on it and then select Macros > Macro1.
You can also edit the macro in any text editor and save it again. Just remember to use only English when using macros. If you want to use a character other than English in a macro, you need to copy the text to the clipboard first and then open the macro.
Just take a look at the following example:

TEXT: This is some text.

PRINT: This is another part of the text.

NOTE: the PRINT: at the end of the second macro is just a part of the text. The PRINT is used just to make it easier to read the code and understand it.
After using this macro, if you paste the text as usual, you will see that you have two lines of text separated by the same line break.

Why should you use macros:
Macros are good for many reasons. For one, you may be someone who has a lot of text to type in a file and want to use the same text as many times as possible. Or maybe you have a very specific form where you need to copy a 384a16bd22

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=Utility software for the control of software and device keys, useful for automation, serial-port communication and for hobbyists.
=Built-in toolbars and contextual menus, allows to quickly configure and launch the most common applications, and to automate the use of your computer without leaving the application in use.
=It is a Windows application with advanced features such as a search engine for Internet, a macro recorder, an automatic installer, a built-in help system and a comprehensive list of many useful and easy-to-use functions.



Philips ScanJet 3500 Printer Driver

Jules Software


Jules Software is a cross-platform, automated desktop imaging, printing, scanning, and networking system designed for home and office use.

Jules Software can remotely control the complete operation of your desktop devices. In addition, Jules Software provides you with quick and easy printing, scanning, and emailing from your home or office computer.

With the flexibility of Jules Software, you are in control of your desktop from any location in the world.

Jules Software can also be used as a front-end for automated scanning software. By using Jules Software to scan documents and then sending the scanned files to the scanning software via email, you can have a system which scans and email’s files automatically.

Its sophisticated search function allows you to find any file stored on your computer.

Using Jules Software, you can directly print any file, email any document, scan any document or image and then scan them into any of your desktop image-editing software packages.

The scanning and printing features also work seamlessly with a fax/modem device.

If you are searching for a scanner and fax/modem that can be easily integrated into your desktop system, then Jules Software is for you.

KEYMACRO Description:
With Jules Software you can remotely control your home or office computer – you have the power to remotely control and monitor your PC from anywhere in the world.

This enables you to easily connect remotely to your PC in order to print documents, run programs and even access the file system.

Jules Software can also be used as a front-end for automated scanning software.

In addition to scanning, Jules Software can email any document, and also scan any document into any of your desktop image-editing software packages.

What you can scan

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