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Provides the ability to disassemble and analyze Microsoft Windows applications and export modules.

System Requirements:
The application runs on Windows 2000 and higher versions.
License: Freeware for non-commercial use

Please Note: Visual DuxDebugger (v2.3.2) requires NAMD ( to disassemble a module.

System Requirements:

Mac OS X

Release Notes:

User Interface Improvements.

Visual DuxDebugger (v2.1.7) has been updated with some minor user interface improvements. Some of the features have been added or enhanced with these improvements:

Support for the following command line switches has been added or improved: -h displays a help menu; -b displays process version and module version; -r launches a reference documentation browser; -i loads a module in GUI mode; -o opens an open file.

The new GUI displays:
-modules : a list of the currently loaded modules
-events : a list of all the events generated by the application
-functions : a list of all the exported functions of the currently loaded module
-stack : displays the call stack.
-threads : displays the current threads.
-addr : shows the current address, mnemonic and operands.
-autodump : launches a dump every time the process is paused.
-autodumpfile : configures a dump file.
-autodumpfile * : configures a dump file.
-autodump [options] : configures a dump file.
-autodump process [options] : configures a dump file.
-autodump thread [options] : configures a dump file.

You can now:
-view a dump file
-zap the call stack
-add or remove a call stack panel
-customize the call stack panel
-zap the thread window
-add or remove a thread panel
-customize the thread panel
-zap the module window
-add or remove a module panel
-customize the module panel

Code View:
-add or remove a code view panel
-customize the code view panel

GUI Editor:
-clear a code view panel
-remove a code view panel
-add a code view panel
-close the current module panel d82f892c90

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• Supports all the features of the Griffin AirClick remote control.
• Displays and accepts keystrokes for macros.
• Unlimited keystrokes per key are possible!
• For programmable keys, the keystroke will be entered if the key is pressed for one second and if it is not already pressed. This means that if the key is pressed for three times it will be entered three times. For keystrokes without the press-hold-release technique, the key is pressed and then released as fast as possible. This means that a single press of a key will be entered once. The press-hold-release technique will also be taken into account when entering a keystroke.

Working Principle:
The working principle of the Remote Control Griffin AirClick is that it is based on infrared technology. This means that this remote works with all infrared-enabled devices. The magic of this remote is based on the range of infrared and the distance. Because the remote is equipped with a transmitter and receiver, the devices detected will be controlled in the desired way. The remote control will get its signals via an infrared receiver and retransmit it to a sensor connected to the device. It will be the job of the remote to pick up the signals with the infrared receiver and to send them to the sensor, which will then send them to the device.

To ensure the connection of this remote control is as safe as possible, the receiving of the signals is handled by a microprocessor. This means that you only receive the information that you need. If something is not handled correctly or there is a problem with the transmission, the microprocessor will not send the information to the receiving device, because it is not programmed for that. This makes the control as safe as possible.

In order to use the Remote Control Griffin AirClick with Winamp you first need to set up the AirClick in Winamp.

1. You first need to install the AirClick. You can find the AirClick here:

2. The next step is to set up the AirClick. Follow the instructions on the website of the AirClick.
3. When you have installed the AirClick, you can now use the Remote Control Griffin AirClick. The Remote Control Griffin AirClick will show up in the list of the AirClick remote control.
4. For the control of


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