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DAR (Disk ARchive) is a DARCHE (Disk ARchive CHEdule) GUI that was designed to be easy to use and provides a fast & secure way to backup your files. It allows to schedule jobs with multiple customization options and includes features to handle multiple backup devices and different archives.
Key features:
・ Create and manage backups
The program comes with a wizard that will assist you in creating various backups at the click of a button. Thanks to its wizard-based design, you don’t have to go through a lengthy setup process in order to create your first backup task. This is made easier by the fact that users can use the intuitive on-screen buttons for quick access to some of the most commonly used features of DAR.
Besides creating your own backup task using this wizard, users can also set up multiple archives and schedule them for creation at the click of a button. Each backup task includes customized options that are directly set using the on-screen menu buttons.
・ Create and manage archives
The application is packed with a wizard-based design that allows for a quick creation of various archives that will be used for backups. It includes options for creating multiple archives using their own individual settings and allows to set multiple exclusions for each archive. This is done by choosing from the predefined list of file types that will be excluded from the archive or by adding an exclusion/inclusion list in CSV format. The final archive settings can then be applied at the click of a button.
In addition to creating archives, the application also enables one to easily manage and compare the backup tasks with other archives. This is done by including the files that have been excluded in the previous archive and using the comparison wizard to compare them to other archives. The application also allows one to define various folders that should be excluded from the archives or compare them in order to make sure that the archives they make are identical.
・ Backup devices
The program comes with multiple drivers for common storage devices that include RAID, partition, flash, SMART, JBOD and ATA disks. It also supports multiple networks, including LANs, WANs, VPNs and NAS, and provides an easy way to connect to them.
DarGUI Screenshots:

Users who rely on the DAR (Disk ARchive) software package for their backup task management, might be struggling to control its features using only the command-line interface. Fortunately, DarGUI is here to provide a front-end graphical user eea19f52d2


– Reliable & easy to use Search Commands are available for opening commands, options, wizards, and galleries in Office 2007. No more searching through a list of options or running the search command in a command window.
– Command Reference of All Commands: Search Commands creates a list of all commands by function (e.g., Format, Check, Tools), with a description of the command. Just click any command and it appears in the list.
– Top Level Search: You can limit your search by using the the top level controls of the command. For example, to find Font dialogues, just click Font in the list.
– Ability to Add & Delete Results: You can add a command or change the position of a result. For example, you may want to remove the Find & Replace command from the result list.
– New Features in Search Commands:
o The ability to search for options, commands, wizards, and galleries in a folder that is directly under the folder of the currently open document. You can also use the file name or number of a file in a folder.
o The ability to change the order in which the search results are displayed.
o New icons for customizing search results.
o The ability to filter the search results by date.
o The ability to filter the search results by name or any other way.
o The ability to create Search Commands in Excel for your own use.
o The ability to create custom search commands.
o The ability to configure multiple “Quick Access” sections for your own use.
o The ability to configure the search to exclude commands or options.
o A new interface to allow you to edit the search settings.
o Customizable toolbars.

Important Information:

Search Commands is free to use, but the product key must be activated. We’ve given out many thousands of licenses to users around the world.
Download Search Commands below and make sure you have an active license key for the product.

More advanced functionality can be achieved by combining Search Commands with a third-party program like WinCacheView.

This is the core team that does the actual work:

Bill DeBaere, lead developer & co-founder of Windosprey, Inc.

This is the face of the company:

Jon Mann, developer of Search Commands and Windosprey, Inc.

Download Search Commands

“Search Commands are a great product. I like the ability to open commands via


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