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Outlook for Pokki is a free and handy application that will help you manage your emails on the web. It works by displaying a task bar icon that will notify you whenever you receive a new email in your inbox.
This application was specifically developed for people who prefer the web interface over the normal Outlook interface.
Outlook for Pokki allows you to:
1. Manage and organize your emails
This application allows you to manage all of your emails and display them in a list, like in the normal Outlook interface. You can sort them by sender, date, subject, and/or by body of the email.
This application will organize your messages in a folder named “Outlook” or by any other name you give to it. This will allow you to view all of your emails easily. You can also delete emails or mark them as read in the same way you would do it in the usual interface.
2. Display your emails as a taskbar icon
This application will display a taskbar icon on your desktop that will notify you whenever you receive a new email. This way, you will always be informed that you have new messages waiting for you.
Outlook for Pokki is available to download free of charge from the official Pokki website, It works perfectly on Windows and Mac, but it has been tested and certified only on Windows operating systems.
It is recommended that you use the newest version of Outlook for Pokki, which is version
You can also download the old version of this application, version, but this is an unsupported and unupdated version.
To do this, you will have to download it from It is recommended that you use this application as it has been tested and verified to work on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Mac.
How to install and use Outlook for Pokki:
To install Outlook for Pokki on your computer, you will have to download the application from the official website,
Once you have downloaded the application, double click on it to install it.
After installation, launch Outlook for Pokki and click on the “Add a Pokki taskbar icon eea19f52d2

FolksKaraoke is a player for people who have fun in singing.
If you are a digital camera user FolksKaraoke is the right player for you.
People always say to me: You took so many pictures with your digital camera but we never see you showing them to us. Actually, it is not such easy to find an occasion to show them the photos. The only way is to send the photos via email and flood their email boxes.
For that reason, I built the slide show feature into FolksKaraoke. While someone is having fun with her/his singing skill the rest can have fun with the snap shots of their best memories.
FolksKaraoke plays standard MIDIs with lyric tracks and KAR files, and features a background slide show of JPEG images and a customized photo album.
1.Play any type of digital music file: KAR, MIDIs, MP3s, WAVs, AIFFs, etc.
2.The slide show feature will take your best photos and display them as animated JPEG images for you to enjoy your digital music.
3.Customize your photo album using your favorite photos.
4.Make special arrangements, such as your favorite images to play in a certain order.
5.Free download.
6.Supports skins for Windows.
7.Supports any language, including Spanish, Russian, etc.
8.Supports all types of network connection: LAN, Wireless, etc.
9.Supports any Internet protocol.
10.Supports camera with optional flash for photos.
==If you need a codec to play music on your computer, please download the JAR and Java 1.6 runtime files with the license for FolksKaraoke and the sources of FolksKaraoke here==
This player is designed to be used on Windows platforms. If you have some problems with this player and Windows, please download the Windows version here:

FolksKaraoke v1.01 [v1.1] (145kb)New version!!
Release notes:
* Fixed problems with Russian language and software.
* Added KAR files that had no lyrics.
* Added support for word search mode.
* Added shortcut keys for next and previous page.


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